Welcome to Kim Sanh Pottery’s website.
Kim Sanh was established in 2007 , our company has more than 15 years of producing garden ceramics, indoor ceramics and decorative products. We will give you our quotation including: enamel, black clay, poly, terrazzo, terracotta, atlantis with best price . We have supplied to many customers in Europe, USA, Australia, Korea, Japan, France…
Come to Kim Sanh , you will be satisfied with our good service, best quality control. , competitive price and punctual delivery. Kim Sanhis willing to cooperate with all domestic and foreign trading partners in creating, producing and consuming goods for mutual benefit.

Customers’ Feedback

Kim Sanh Co., ltd, the company has rised two ten years from 2002

Why do customer choose us?

Variety of modal productions. We always update some more new designs for each year.

Best price and quality.

We always give to our customers the best price and quality. Customers are accepted with us.

Dynamic marketing.

We cooperate with many customers who come from other countries as: Chicago, Canada, Finland, Japan, Korea, Australia,…..

Friendly and sociable with customers

We always prepair good meetings for our customers when they come and give the best advises to customers when they get stuck.

Slogan: Always take customer’s benefit as a head of cooperation.